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Inside Steve's Head
Thursday, March 12, 2009
Happy March

Hi. I’m back. Never really went anywhere just haven’t been blogging anything. It’s been a busy and productive period though. I also wrestled with a pull in my left calf, and that cough thing that has been making the rounds that seems to last forever. It sidelined me for close to two weeks but I feel good now and have had a good running week. Great run today. Did my normal lunch time loop around the Brandywine River, but added 5 x hill repeats up one of my favorite trails along the river. Felt strong and recovered very fast after each climb. The clock is ticking on the New Jersey Marathon. I need a 17-18 miler this Saturday but then it’s off to the shore for a wedding….. staying overnight but catching the Sixers game on the way home Sunday afternoon. (Thanks Eddie Stefanski).

What else is new ….. Power Bar will again be a sponsor for 2009. As will Rudy Project and of course Hammer Nutrition – my bread and butter since 2002. I was also chosen to be a part of Team CW-X which is a performance wear company that will be providing racing and training wear for 2009. So, all things considered, 2009 has all of the ingredients for a great year. Add to that the fact that my daughter is having a baby in August, and MG is training hard for her walk marathon at NJ Marathon and 2009 will be quite a year to remember.

TEAM IN TRAINING continues to thrive. My efforts with Liberty Sports Magazine, the USA Triathlon Regional Board,, and Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County are alive and kicking. If I’m not busy, (over-extended), Im not happy.. Im happy.

Keep an eye on my website or find me on facebook to keep current and I promise to be a better blog-head.



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Updated: Thursday, March 12, 2009 6:52 PM EDT
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
New YouTube

JenBrown (my daughter, and yes, I always call her "JenBrown") had fun putting together another little YouTube thing

The one she did a couple of years ago was pulled due to infringements with the "borrowed" Aerosmith tune.

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Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 6:48 PM EST
Sunday, January 11, 2009
A Few Good Miles

I needed a 9 mile training run this weekend. It was actually suppose to be yesterday with the group but that didn't happen. I knew today would be the better of the two days to go longer anyway. And was it ever. That was one of those "it's great to be alive" runs. I went from my house to St. Joe's U and back. Really nice. Of course, no run of that distance is not without a few good exchanges...

I passed a golf course about a half mile in and noticed a bright yellow golf ball by the side of the road - so I had to pick it up and run with it. Then I saw another - yep. Picked that one up too. It was actually a nice distraction and just the right size to hold your hands in a good running position. So, I kept them the whole way.

Had to cross over City Ave two different times because I didn't like the looks of two dogs. But I think I was just being paranoid. Passed a pack of about 5 runners going the other way who looked really strong. The could have been SJU runners. Wasn't sure. Passed a cool dude selling newspapers who just said "Hey, you're doing a great job". Thanks dude. Passed another guy all bundled up with just his eyes showing through a ski mask, He just gave me a nice THUMBS UP! And the clincher was as I passed a couple walking, the guy looked at me and said "Man ..... jogging in the winter .... that's messed up".

I finally tossed the golf balls back on the course where I found them - I missed the cup though.

Need a shower - GO BIRDS.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009
Happy Belated New Year
Mood:  special
Now Playing: Kings of Leon

These weeks around the holidays are always strange. I lose track of what the heck day it is. It's nice to have a few days off but then reality hits when you go back to work for the first full work week of the year. But that's OK. Once the Christmas stuff comes down, I have spring locked and loaded in my scope. I had 4 great running days over the Christmas weekend but then picked up a cold thing and had a couple of crappy ones. FROZE my face off on New Year's Day!! Bailed on a group run this morning but will probably try to pull together an 8-miler this afternoon. I think (there I go again) I am on the rebound.

All things considered, I am in GREAT running shape right now. The bike and the swim? They are different stories all together, but they too will be addressed now that January is upon us. I am thinking about a yoga class too this winter. I think about a lot, don't I?? haha.

So what are the resolutions? I was thinking (go figure) long and hard about this on the way into work the other day and I came to the realization that I live my life constantly trying to find ways to better myself or make things better for those around me: and complete strangers for that matter. So that sort of makes the concept of a New Year's resolution a little moot, don't you think? So in 2009, I will continue on my journey to make things a little better around me, to spread some more good karma, and to look for and follow the signs as they present themselves to me. 

I have a hunch it will be a great year. Not sure why I say that ... just a hunch. And I am usually a pretty "hunchy" dude. 

For those of you who are using the LinkedIn network, don't forget to look for me here: 

CYA for now.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008
Free Form Head Clutter
Mood:  cheeky

Also referred to as the voices in your head. I don't think I'm crazy but you know how a million thoughts run through your head and they end up being "voices" or conversations with yourself? Well training seems to amplify this because you spend so much time alone in your own head. And I typically don't train with music or any distractions because I rather enjoy those conversations with myself. I just finished one of the best runs that I've had in a while. And I thought I would share (to the best of my memory) some of the more memorable fleeting thoughts that entertained me on today's run. - I really wish I had a tape running and I would have just thought outloud. Keep in mind, what you are abut to read is me thinking and talking to me. And sometimes, I'll respond to myself...

which way should i run .... do the regular loop and add on if u feel up to it ..... let me cross let me cross .... merry christmas ....oh wow something smells good... this sucks, why do i have a piano on my back ... oh well, suck it up dummy...i'm cold - no i'm not. it will warm up... no i will warm up ....why does that guy have a ties on .... maybe he is a church guy ... maybe he is going to church ....... lady !!! where are u pulling over??? oh ok, dropping off a kid from a sleepover. she has all of the important things, cell phone, hair product and a brush .... yeah for you.... hey i feel pretty good .... need to cross the tracks .... ok that was easy....hey i really should speak at dennis mcnamara's memorial this year....these cops are good people .... how could anyone be a cop knee hurts....... no it doesn't ... i never did like george thorogood ....where did that come from....running is awesome ... i am so happy i can feel this good ...... shut up, ur talking too much.... WOW where did that girl just come from ? (sidestreet) she is FLYING... i can't sit still for that .... well u can't catch her either hahaha. ..... i can if i cut up that street..... but no then she'll catch me again..... oh well, what can i do (break into beatles song "baby's in black and i'm feeling blue tell me oh what can i do ...) hey wait she is wearing black...where the hell did she go ??...later figment....hey jennifer had an old boyfriend who lived up that street .... his mom was goofy .....his mom was nuts .....where is that music coming ..... (horn honk) oh hey how are ya? who was that? ... no clue......let's run up to the next light.... screw you, let's not and say we did .....ok we will ..... i hate this hill ...... hey this hill feels great .... i love this hill .....

Merry Christmas 


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Updated: Thursday, December 25, 2008 3:24 PM EST
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas family, friends, and people who are complete strangers to me. haha. We had a good Chrstmas Eve and will have a  nice dinner tonight. Being off from work for a few days with no hard core "to-dos" hanging over my head will be nice.  I'll get in some great running. I actually went to bed feeling a little down but woke up very happy and on top of the world. It's hard not to think about my dad at Christmas.

My daughter Danielle gave me a card that basically said thank you for all of the years of playing santa and the many years of memories and surprises. Well, needless to say, I almost lost it. The card will live forever in a special place somewhere and will long outlast the really cool Temple University polo shirt that came with the card. I think that will be my new gift protocol from my kids. No gifts. Just find the perfect card or write something from the heart that I can lock away in a treasure box to revisit for yours to come. That's what really matters.

When I sit here banging away on my laptop, with a hot cup of coffee, dogs at my feet, roof over my head, plenty of food in the next room, and a great family, I realize that I really do have everything that i could possibly want in this world. If I had to start over and re-script my life, I wouldn't change much.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008
Lance Was Right...

By Steve Remissionman Brown

Lance was right on when he said "It's not about the bike". It's not about the bike as physical matter, or cycling as an activity, profession, or way of life. But what is it about? Is it about family? Is it about maintaining a sense of self love while focusing on selfless acts to others? Is it about health? Is it about kindness? Is it about humility? Is it about perseverance and triumph? When a homeless person asks you for change, what do you do? Do you walk away? Do you toss him some change? Or do you walk around the corner with him and buy him the first real breakfast he may have had in years? Or are you so moved by what you see that you make life altering decisions to help make a difference in the world by leveraging your passions and using them as super hero powers to right the wrong in the world: or in the City of Philadelphia, as Anne Mahlum has done with her organization "Back on My Feet" which gets Philly's homeless on their feet and running for a better life. Anne gets it.

A lot of multisport athletes in our region "get it". I think by nature, most do in fact. They understand that their race times are really irrelevant in the big picture and what matters most is finding ways to make our sport better from the humanitarian side of things. How can we use our sport to make things better in the universe? It's not necessarily about how much faster a race director can design a bike course, it's about how a  race director can design an event that in and of itself will create a fostering and empowering environment for athletes of all walks of life to have a challenging yet positive experience. An event that can change a person’s life. But at the same time, you want the mission statement of the race director to spread virally to all of the athletes so that they can turn around and use their tools, passions, and skills, to also make a difference. It trickles down and everyone plays a part. It sounds like I just described organizations like the Columbia Triathlon Association, Richmond Multisport, or the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon team.

They all get it. As do many others. Like Midge and Tim Kerr. For decades Tim Kerr has used his Avalon New Jersey road race as a major charitable event which the city and athletes have embraced and are proud to be a part of. In recent years Midge's multisport events such as the Avalon Islandman, and her Youth Multisport Series have taken hold and are garnishing the same success. The Kerrs get it…. All seven of them.

Is it about spreading good karma, just because? Is it about all of the above and volumes more? Yep. But how does one attempt to be all and do all of that? Is it active or a passive? Does one need to make a conscious decision to engage to do and be all of those things that matter? Or does it just happen? Is there one common denominator that, if possessed, will allow someone to not only understand what it's all about, but actually live and BE what it's all about?

The short answer is yes – there is a common denominator that sets people apart. A common thread that people who "get it" have; or actually lack. It is sometimes a learned trait developed over time but a person can be born with it as well. If you have it, you can usually spot it in others in a matter of minutes. The common thread that identifies and unites these people to focus on the right things and inherently just "do what's right" is the fact that when faced with a choice or when faced with a situation forcing them to react or respond, these folks fail to ask W.I.I.F.M. (I'll explain later)

Be great out there but be humble. You can be an excellent role model by never asking the question W.I.I.F.M. and by asking the questions, "What's the right thing to do"? and "How can I help"? Race and train with that mindset, live your life with that mission and the good will come back to you in triplicate and you will make a difference in the lives of many people just by "being".

And oh yeah – "W.I.I.F.M."  simply means "What's in it for me"? If that question is NOT in your vocabulary, you will flourish.

Happy Holidays to all and safe training !



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Updated: Thursday, December 18, 2008 1:23 PM EST
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Where the Heck is December Going?

Man this month is really getting away from me. Time just keeps on ticking. (Steve Miller right?) This is typically an energy charged time of year for me because I am training just enough to keep me sane and happy. But with no pressure. It's also the time of year that I start looking at all of the cool races that I want to do next year. And I usually have very wide eyes and a big appetite. I have an idea of what I want to do in 2009 but there are still some questions to answer and variables to consider.

The year will of course include a marathon, and possibly two ironman triathlon races, (Montreal and Maryland). I will also hopefully race in the Duathlon Nationals in Richmond and speak at the USA Triathlon regional board meeting that weekend. I am also speaking at the NJ Shore Marathon dinner that my wife and I are doing in May with TEAM IN TRAINING. 

I've been reading more and more about a certain event that has captured my attention. I have mentioned this before and the thought went away for a while, but it's back. The event is a double ironman held in Virginia in October. I know it sounds nuts but ..... in reading the race reports and in talking to a few athletes who have done the race, it seems POSSIBLE. And if it's POSSIBLE, I'm a little interested.

I think people that race ironman reach a point in their racing careers where they need to make a choice. They need more of something. They need to either race faster, race more frequently, or race longer. Racing ironman more frequently can be a costly undertaking so I'm a little leary of that one. Although if someone would comp me a few more events, I would surely do it. Racing faster in 2009 will be one of my primary goals. However, the plan for 2010 just may be that double ironman.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around a race consisting of a 4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike, and a double marathon - 52 mile run. But that's the same reason that I am interested. Interested in exploring it anyway. That would really be the quintessential triathlon brass ring right? (yeah right).

More on this subject later .... I need food now :)

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Well I have no idea how I did that but I just blew away a few blog entries. Sorry about that. I was attempting to update a post from 11/20 and ...... poof. Gone. Here is a link to a recent article done with Kevin Patrick of Endurance Planet

Also, the third book - "50 FIT TIPS" has been released. This one as well as the others can all be purchased here:  "My New Race" and "The Inner Triathlete" are also available at and other retailers. "50 FIT TIPS" will be released to the retail world in about 6 weeks.

Training is going well. It's a nice time of year because training is relatively low key and I LOVE cold weather running anyway so I am really in my element.

I had a high school reunion last weekend. I had a good time and ended up hanging out with grade school friends that I had not seen in a very long time. I also connected with a few others via email and it's been great catching up with some good people that I haven't talked to in decades. Check out a few of these guys when you get a chance: and I've known Brian since kindergarten and Curt since first grade. Both have gone on to do some amazing stuff and I am proud to call them friends.

Yes, I am nursing a goblet of Vitamin M - the juice of juices ..... MERLOT. Time to fly for now. But I'll be back when I have something interesting to say.


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Updated: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 9:49 PM EST
Sunday, November 2, 2008
I Drink Good Coffee

Morning gang. There is lots going on and plenty of good energy abuzz. First of all how about our Phillies? This season was really special to me. I know I have talked about having lost my father and what a fan he was. But I also felt like a 16 year old kid baseball player during these playoff games. It was strange...I was really into it and found myself wanting to go out and play.

I will be blasting out a fundraising email link this week with the details on the marathon MG and I are going to do in the spring with TEAM IN TRAINING. I'm looking forward to this entire experience and can't wait to get moving.

Also, my third book, entitled "50 FIT TIPS" is nearing completion. This one is a small pocked sized thing with tips, suggestions, and motivational suggestions on working out in general and just being in better shape for the health benefits.  It should be ready in a week or so and hope to make a push for the Holidays. It will make a nice fun gift and will be available through my publisher Lulu as well as retailers. MSRP $14.99. (I think).

One more thing. I want you to keep an eye on my friend Tom. He was diagnosed with leukemia over a year ago and reached out to me at that time. He knew of me only through my story and book and looked me up and we exchanged some good info over the past year. He has had a rough time of it and is now starting to regain some good strength and momentum. His wife Lisa has done a terrific job keeping up a BLOG of Tom's status and progress. Check it out 

Enjoy your Sunday and I'll catch up to you soon!

And by the way, the title of this post comes from the Colin Hay song. Google it. Colin was the former front man for the 80s band Men at Work.


Posted by Steve Brown at 7:35 AM EDT

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